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In December, Lieber touted the new Moynihan Train Hall for improving service for Long Island Rail Road riders and said further upgrades to Penn Station are underway.  Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York Gary LaBarbera is one of New York’s most powerful labor leaders, having spent over a decade leading an organization with 15 unions representing some 100,000 unionized construction workers. He also has run the Albany-based New York State Building and Construction Trades Council since its business agent, James Cahill, was hit with bribery charges. LaBarbera has championed the industry throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He has secured a long-sought prevailing wage law and kept public projects moving but warned of a dropoff in 2022. Pick any major New York infrastructure project, and Skanska is probably involved. The leading construction and project development firm has helped build the Moynihan Train Hall, a revamped LaGuardia Airport, the Second Avenue Subway, the No. 7 line extension, the East Side Access project, the Kosciuszko Bridge and the World Trade Center Oculus – and that’s not even getting to its many projects elsewhere across the country. Skanska’s U.S. leader, Richard Kennedy, has been with the company since 2004.  President, Construction Management, AECOM AECOM’s Jay Badame oversaw projects like the opulent Hudson Yards, Manhattan West and One Vanderbilt. The global company is the one of the country’s largest general contractors and the largest construction firm in New York City. The firm worked on the Second Avenue Subway, the East Side Access project and the World Trade Center redevelopment – and built two temporary hospitals in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Among Badame’s colleagues are Ali Chaudhry, the governor’s former deputy secretary for transportation; former MTA chief Tom Prendergast; and former Port Authority veteran Denise Berger. In 2018, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided Lorraine Grillo was so effective running the School Construction Authority that she should lead the Department of Design and Construction, too. After more than a quarter century at the SCA and over a decade as its leader, Grillo has managed billions of dollars in school construction while earning plaudits for boosting MWBE contracting. At the DDC, she manages capital construction projects for city government while pursuing upcoming projects through the design-build procurement process.  Pat Di Filippo oversees Turner Construction Company’s lucrative business in New York, including Madison Square Garden’s overhaul, Cornell Tech’s Tata Innovation Center, and the recently topped out The Spiral at 66 Hudson Blvd. Di Filippo, a Turner veteran since 1984, manages its partial stake in the heavy construction firm E.E.

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Meter In Ice Snow That includes the 24/7 work they’ve been doing for the last week, with clearing roads on state highways and interstates. “The crews have traveled around 99,000+ miles throughout these 21 counties, clearing the roads and trying to get the precipitation off,” Lawrence said. Lawrence adds that by staying off the roads, you’ve been doing a good job helping too. She says this allows their plows to continuously work. “Anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of people haven’t been traveling the last few days, so that’s very good information for us to know. It’s been very helpful for that much less traffic to be on the highways, for our crews to get out there and work,” Lawrence said. But with all that staying at home, what is your electric bill going to look like? Electric companies say you can expect it to go up. “People can expect their electric bills to go up 20 to 50% next month, compared to the month before,” said Michael Russell, Vice President of Operations at Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation. This is because it takes more energy to keep your house at a certain temperature. “A bill is based on two things. One is the rate being charged, and that hasn’t changed. It’s the usage that will be dramatically different. I think two key factors: the fact that we’ve had record low temperatures, and that they have been sustained,” said Steve Bowers, a communications manager at Jackson Energy Authority. But the companies haven’t been asked by Tennessee Valley Authority to lower energy usage. “TVA is doing a good job providing us power, even throughout this cold spell that we’ve had. They have not asked us to conserve or cut back because they’ve been able to supply our need without any problem,” Russell said. And they have received relatively few power outages. The main outages occurred during the ice storm last Thursday.